Custom engineered OEM Lighting solutions and more!

For over 50 years, RLR Industries, Inc. has been an industry pioneer in providing custom engineered solutions for our OEM Lighting customers.

We have the ability to develop proprietary diffusers and components utilizing our core processes:

  • Thermoforming
  • Injection Molding
  • Custom Sheet Extrusion & Custom Sheet Fabrication
  • CNC Fabrication and Laser Fabrication
  • Manual Fabrication, Assembly and Finishing Techniques, where applicable.

This gallery of products are representative of the above core competencies of our company. In many cases custom products utilize an combination of the above processes to produce the final production item.

Our engineering department has the ability to work with 3D and 2D electronic file formats, or we can work with sketches/renderings of your proposed product. In most cases, we can produce prototypes and samples for our customers to undertake the R & D process when developing custom fixtures.

You’ve got the ideas, we have the tools!

There’s nothing more rewarding to us than seeing our customer’s ideas take form. We’d love to hear your ideas and see if we can help make your vision a reality. Simply contact us or fill out our sales inquiry form.