Luminaire Components


Curved Body Troffer

The FT15 is a Luminous Troffer Diffuser highlighted by a compound concave design detail. This allows the OEM to supply a luminaire to add more e design elements via sculpture, depth and feeling to the ceiling plane. Suitable for offices, schools, lobbies – any space which utilizes grid ceiling systems and uses troffers for illumination.

A 23.75 max.
B 24.125” max.
C 1.71”

MODEL FT15-22*

A 23.75 max.
B 48.125” max.
C 1.71”

MODEL FT15-24*

* Ordering Information and Dimensions (customer to specify final cut sizes, part number to be issued by factory)

FT Troffers Catalog

Engineered to fit standard 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ LED troffer luminaires, the Luminous Troffer Series of diffusers can dynamically transform grid ceiling lighting design in commercial environments.