Luminaire Components


RLR Prismatic Polycarbonate Sheet

RLR Prismatic Polycarbonate Sheet is a range of clear diamond shaped prismatic polycarbonate flat sheets which can be used in commercial and architectural fluorescent luminaires. The sheet can be used in lay-in applications, or can be fabricated easily into any 2 dimensional shape or pattern. Prismatic Polycarbonate is stocked in 25” x 50″ sheets in varying thicknesses. Other sheet size/thickness combinations can be run upon request. RLR Industries, Inc. has the in house capability of CNC or laser cutting Prismatic Acrylic sheet to any two-dimensional flat pattern, with holes, slots, elongated cutouts, decorative effects or multi-radius curvatures per your specifications. Simply provide RLR with an electronic drawing and we can provide you with a project proposal.